The Warrior, Book 2 of the Apollo Stone Trilogy, now available on

The Warrior, Book 2 in the Apollo Stone Trilogy is finally available on Amazon.  Here is a brief synopsis.  Hope you enjoy it!

THEY THOUGHT THE LAST NAVIGATOR WAS DEAD. They thought the Apollo Stone was lost to the vastness of space. But they were wrong. A Navigator has arisen from the unlikeliest of places. And the Apollo Stone has reemerged, if only to vanish once again during the chaos of battle fought both on Earth’s surface and high in her orbit.

Time has past and the boiling cauldron of war has cooled, but this false peace cannot endure. For, although dark forces both on Earth and among the stars have been thrown back to their strongholds, defeat has only hardened their resolve. On Earth, the Grand Guardian and his dedicated masses still look with envious eyes upon the untainted, fertile lands of the Free Cities west of the Mississippi River. On the planet Sahir, the Queen of the Sahiradin and her legions of warriors still seek to impose their rule over the shattered remains of an empire that once spanned the galaxy.

And at the heart of these struggles, binding them together like the threads of a spider’s web lies the Apollo Stone, the last of thirteen. All sides search for it, whether out of fear or desire, knowing that its strange powers can shift the fortunes of war and determine the fate of us all.




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