Synopsis of The Navigator, Book 1 of the Apollo Stone Trilogy

Earth has changed. The old world order collapsed following the meteor impacts of 2031 when fireballs rained down from the skies, instantly vaporizing millions. Billions more died during the Long Winter and resource wars that followed.

Over one hundred years have passed since those terrible events and new societies have formed around the globe.  In North America, the fragile peace that exists among the continent’s independent countries and city-states is under threat. The ambitious Grand Guardian of the Peoples’ Republic of America is mobilizing his massive war machine in order to make real his dream of reunifying a former world power.

On the eve of the great offensive, a leading scientist dies under mysterious circumstances, but not before he entrusts another with the key to unlocking a secret.  A secret so powerful, it could not only unravel the Grand Guardian’s carefully laid plans, but also doom, or save, all of humanity.

Read The Navigator, the first book in the Apollo Stone Trilogy by P.M. Johnson.  To be released in spring 2016.


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